Chris Barnard

Favorite place in nature: San Juan Mountains

Christopher Barnard is President of the American Conservation Coalition (ACC).  

Chris has dual American and Belgian citizenship. Having grown up in Belgium, he speaks Dutch, French, and English fluently. He received a Master’s degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics and currently resides in Washington, DC, with his wife, Hayley. While in the UK, he founded the British Conservation Alliance and was active in UK politics for several years. He also co-published the book Green Market Revolution, which has been read in 100+ countries, translated into five languages, and has a foreword by Lord Daniel Hannan.

At ACC, Chris runs the Grasstops Department, where he manages ACC’s government affairs, external partnerships, and corporate relations. He also frequently writes for national outlets and appears in mainstream media. His writing often focuses on how America can win the clean energy arms race and compete with China in the 21st century. He has been published in the Wall Street Journal, The Independent, the Daily Telegraph, National Review, the Washington Examiner, and more. Chris has also spoken at conferences in more than ten countries. 

Rocky Mountain National Park is his favorite National Park. 

Contact: [email protected]