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Young Rural Conservatives Feel Unheard in Climate & Energy Conversations

Young people in rural areas are crucial to the future of the country. The clean energy economy relies on their communities and the workforce that comes with them. Without the support of these young Americans, the environmental movement will be stuck in limbo. 

ACC’s 40,000 members hail from all corners of this country, including vast rural areas with clean energy potential. Our most recent poll with Echelon Insights found that young rural conservatives favor clean energy solutions for energy security and climate reasons, but often feel unheard in key conversations on the topic. 

Ahead of November’s election, elected leaders must prioritize the issues most important to young people, the fastest-growing voting bloc in the country. This polling shows that young conservative voters want actionable energy solutions that are good for the economy and our environment.

Our survey found that 71% of young rural conservative voters support shifting to clean energy, yet only 39% think their government leaders are willing to listen to them on environmental and energy issues. 

Those who did not favor shifting to clean energy were concerned about higher cost and economic impact, making clear communication about the benefits of clean energy imperative. Importantly, 68% of young conservative voters at large would support a climate plan that balances economic and environmental concerns.

This survey is further evidence that young conservatives – regardless of where they live – care deeply about protecting our natural environment and building out more clean energy. It is imperative that our leaders listen.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Young rural conservatives support clean energy to bolster American energy security and address climate change.
  2. A strong majority of young conservatives support expanding consumer choice in energy markets to maximize rural energy.
  3. Young conservatives remain unconvinced by performative climate protests from progressive activism groups.

Full polling and methodology can be found here.

Young Americans Still Searching for Real Climate Leadership, According to New ACC Poll

A new poll released today shows that young Americans are generally unhappy with the direction of the country and are looking for leadership from both parties. The poll is a comprehensive look at young Americans’ views on climate, energy, and the state of the country ahead of the 2022 midterms.

In 2020, young Americans voted in record numbers for Joe Biden, in large part because of his promise to take bold action on climate change. A year into the Biden Administration, many no longer believe he can deliver a more sustainable future. In 2022, young voters will look for new, more effective leadership on climate change. 

Our survey found that Americans aged 18-30 are generally unhappy with the direction our country is headed, with 53% of respondents saying we’re on the wrong track. Only 39% approve of Biden’s handling of climate change. Yet, by a 2 to 1 margin, respondents still trust Democrats over Republicans to combat climate change. 

Despite climate policy remaining a divisive topic in Congress, our survey showed that some solutions are hugely popular among young people. For example, nature-based solutions, as well as wind and solar power, unite young Americans despite their other policy disagreements. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Young people believe a balance can be struck between protecting the environment and economic prosperity, both among Democrats and Republicans.
  2. Young people are most concerned about environmental issues they can see and feel, such as air and water pollution, and support actionable climate solutions such as planting trees and restoring ecosystems.
  3. A striking majority of young registered voters think the GOP should care about climate change, while a disappointing minority think the GOP actually does.

View the full polling and methodology here.