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This website is hosted by WordPress. We collect personal data when you visit this website, including:

  • Information about your browser, network and device
  • Web pages you visited prior to coming to this website
  • Your IP address

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Core Concepts:

Be nice. We’re all part of the same community on these platforms, so be a friendly, welcoming, and generally a nice person. Be someone that other people want to be around.

Be respectful and constructive. Remember to be respectful and constructive with your communication. Don’t get into flamewars, make personal attacks, vent, or rant unconstructively. Everyone should take responsibility for the community and take the initiative to diffuse tension and stop a negative thread as early as possible.

Be collaborative. Work together! We can learn a lot from each other. Share knowledge and help each other out.

Participate. Join in on discussions, show up for events or gatherings, offer feedback and ideas, and help implement them so we can continue to change the narrative.

Basic etiquette for online discussions. Key etiquette includes:

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