For a cleaner, more prosperous world, ACC mobilizes conservatives around environmental issues, fostering collaboration in the pursuit of environmental conservation.

Who We Are

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As we move into April showers, we’re taking a moment to pause and reflect on the highlights of March within our movement. We made waves with 248 media mentions, while our field team organized dozens of impactful events, only fueling the momentum for lasting conservation. In the world of government affairs, we lead with our principles by bringing form more discussions on permitting reform and bipartisan collaboration to drive our agenda forward. We are so proud of this national movement’s continued drive and look forward to a successful Earth Day.


By The Numbers





  • We logged 248 media hits on ACC and our movement, spanning op-eds, print mentions, broadcast hits, and speaking engagements this month.
  • Welcoming some new faces! About 900 additional ACC members joined the fold this month. Are you plugged into your ACC community?
  • One Ambassador rose high above the ranks. Shoutout to Cristobal Spielman for his amazing work!
  • ACC’s social media team made a splash this month, gaining well over 15,000,000 eyes on our accounts and movement.

Pumped for Earth Day? Whether you’re celebrating solo or joining forces with other ACC members and Branches across the nation, now is your chance to take action for the environment!

Join us for a little friendly competition this year to Clean Up America! Register by April 15th to guarantee your Clean Up America Kit.

Nuclear Power Is Empowering Michigan’s Future

Nuclear energy continues to prove its worth. Michigan released its Nuclear Feasibility Study this month, finding that a new nuclear plant built within the state could add a value of nearly $4 billion and over 700 jobs in the long term while reducing emissions. Additionally, the DOE released a report showing that transitioning from a coal plant to a nuclear one could increase local employment, higher-paying jobs, revenue, and economic activity in the host community. The DOE also highlighted that repeat deployments could reduce capital costs by improving project planning, supply chain development, and efficiency. 

Harnessing Geothermal Energy: Unveiling America’s Potential

Geothermal energy is finally enjoying its moment in the spotlight. According to a recent DOE report, next-generation geothermal energy technologies could expand the United States’ geothermal capacity twentyfold – providing 90 GW of clean, reliable power by 2050 – with a potential for even more. Permitting reform will be crucial to making this happen as geothermal energy currently faces lengthy permitting processes that delay these projects by an average of 7 to 10 years. 

Thriving Economies, Cleaner Skies Shows New Report

The International Energy Agency’s report on CO2 emissions in 2023 found that advanced economy GDP grew by 1.7% while emissions fell by 4.5%, proving economic growth and environmental protection go hand-in-hand.

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On the Ground
  • March saw a surge in grassroots engagement for the American Conservation Coalition (ACC), with nearly 900 new members joining our ranks!
  • Throughout the month, we hosted over 28 events across the country.
  • ACC DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth) made a triumphant return, marked by a kick-off social this month.
  • Interest in starting new branches has flourished, with emerging leaders in Florida and Texas eager to make an impact!
  • Anticipation is building for our upcoming National Day of Action in April, known as Clean Up America, where branches and individuals will compete to make the biggest impact in cleaning up our communities.
  • ACC will be holding the first of a series of invitation-only regional and state retreats, with the first scheduled for South Carolina in April, promising collaboration, inspiration, and shared purpose. Stay tuned for more!
On Capitol Hill & Beyond
  • The ACC Government Affairs team continued our engagement in bipartisan, bicameral permitting and transmission reform discussions.
  • Also this month, Morgan Brummund, Government Affairs Director, spoke about her career path and work at ACC at her alma mater, Boise State University.
On the Airwaves