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Welcome to another edition of our monthly round-up, where we continue to chart our movement’s progress. Fueled by a range of exciting developments, from a significant policy shift to reduce reliance on Russian uranium to the United States surpassing 5 million solar installations, we’re entering June more optimistic than ever. Whether through media engagement, grassroots work, or policy advancements, each step forward brings us closer to a stronger, more resilient planet. Here’s to celebrating our movement’s leaders and setting the stage for even more impactful work this summer.

Reducing Reliance on Russian Uranium

A law signed by President Biden this month aims to reduce the United States’ dependence on Russian nuclear fuel by banning imports of Russian-enriched uranium by 2028. This legislation is a strategic move to enhance energy security and support the domestic nuclear industry by unlocking funding to mine and process uranium here in the U.S. Currently, Russia accounts for 46% of global enrichment capacity, powering roughly 1 in 20 American homes and businesses. This shift will drive investments in domestic enrichment capabilities and foster greater resilience in our nuclear fuel supply chain.

Solar Energy Milestone: Over 5 Million Installations

In a major win for renewable energy, the U.S. has officially surpassed 5 million solar installations, a remarkable increase from just 1 million in 2016. This milestone underscores the rapid growth and adoption of solar energy across the country, growth led by conservative states! Texas is leading the way, adding 6.5 gigawatts of solar capacity in 2023, surpassing installations in California for the second time in three years.

Efforts to streamline regulations will further accelerate this momentum, enabling more clean energy projects and reducing barriers to entry for new installations.

Get Ready: Summer Reliability Risks and the Need for Always-On Baseload Energy

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) released its Summer Reliability Assessment, highlighting potential supply shortages during extreme heat events due to increased power demand. To mitigate these risks, the report emphasizes the importance of diversifying our energy mix with clean, baseload energy sources such as nuclear and geothermal. Ensuring a reliable energy supply is crucial as we face more frequent and severe weather patterns.


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On the Ground
  • Atomic Hope Screenings: This month, we hosted several successful screenings of the film Atomic Hope. A notable event was the joint screening by ACC DMV and America’s Future, where Chairman and Founder Benji Backer shared critical insights from his new book, sparking engaging discussions on nuclear energy and its future with our attendees.
  • ACC Madison, Wisconsin Kickoff: ACC Madison in Wisconsin launched their activities with a vibrant kickoff event, marking the start of their journey to engage the local community and advocate for environmental stewardship.
  • That’s a Wrap on Spring Ambassadors: After months of hard work, our spring ambassador cohort ended their semester with impressive achievements, successfully recruiting thousands of new members to the movement. Thank you to our amazing ambassadors! Your dedication has significantly bolstered our grassroots network and expanded our strength in key communities.
  • Houston Heat Won’t Stop Us: Shoutout to the ACC Houston Branch for volunteering their time packaging relief boxes for community members dealing with food insecurity. It’s our love for those around us that keeps our conservation movement going! Great job, team!
On Capitol Hill & Beyond
  • Natural Gas Facility Tour: Policy Associate Sarah Jensen joined the American Exploration & Production Council for an insightful tour of a natural gas facility in Northeastern Pennsylvania, exploring the latest advancements and challenges in natural gas production.
  • Constellation’s Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Facility Tour: Our DC staff and DMV Branch had the opportunity to tour Constellation’s Calvert Cliffs nuclear facility, learning more about the operations and contributions of this key nuclear site.
  • Ørsted’s Mockingbird Solar Center Tour: ACC DFW, led by Texas State Director Zack Abnet, toured Ørsted’s solar facility outside Dallas, Texas. This installation is unique because Ørsted partnered with The Nature Conservancy to preserve the surrounding area.
  • ACC x The Ducks: Our Senior Leadership team and DC staff attended the prestigious Ducks Unlimited annual banquet on Capitol Hill, where they connected with leaders and advocates in the wildlife conservation space. We love supporting our friends at Ducks Unlimited.
  • Briefing on Agriculture and Farmers: Director of Government Affairs Morgan Brummund presented to the Ag America state agriculture commissioners, highlighting the critical role of conservation programs and policy, backed by some of ACC’s latest polling data.
  • Talking The Transmission Talk: Morgan, in collaboration with Conservative Energy Network, co-authored an op-ed in The Washington Examiner focusing on the challenges and solutions for improving energy transmission infrastructure.
  • P.S. Please enjoy Pennie the Corgi [pictured above] striking a pose at ACC’s new D.C. office!
On the Airwaves
  • Our media outreach continued to excel, surpassing our total number of media hits in 2023 by May of 2024!
    • Chairman Benji Backer’s feature on Fox 5 DC highlighted our movement’s environmental strategies, while our reception, in collaboration with ClearPath and Citizens For Responsible Energy Solutions, in POLITICO Playbook showcased our recent high-profile event on Backer’s new book The Conservative Environmentalist.
    • President Chris Barnard’s piece in RealClearEnergy emphasized our leadership in clean energy and infrastructure discussions.
    • Additionally, Western Regional Director Hattie Hobart spotlighted collaborative climate efforts in The Bozeman Daily Chronicle alongside Citizens Climate Lobby and RepublicEn.
  • This month we cataloged over 861 new photos of our movement in action and boosted our website engagement by 3.5%!
  • On social media, we achieved around 8 million impressions. Top posts included a critical review of Met Gala fashion and a pitch that the Sharks can’t refuse.