For a cleaner, more prosperous world, ACC mobilizes conservatives around environmental issues, fostering collaboration in the pursuit of environmental conservation.

Who We Are

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This February both love and dynamic momentum were in the air for ACC, witnessing amazing achievements across all sectors – communications, field engagement, government affairs, and some administrative developments we’ll dive into below.

With 80 media hits amplifying our voice and 32 impactful events orchestrated by our field team, our commitment to community engagement was unmistakable. In the winding world of government affairs, our proactive yet level-headed strategy resonated through briefings with the Congressional Western Caucus, discussions on permitting and transmission reform, sharing new rural polling, and more. With its quiet grace and resounding triumphs, February stands as a testament to our passion and resolve, propelling us forward into the promise of what lies ahead…


By The Numbers

  • 80 media hits, spanning op-eds, print mentions, broadcast hits, and speaking engagements.
  • 32 events were held in ACC communities and by members this month.
  • Well over 600 recruits, including 575 from our Ambassador recruitment efforts, joined ACC’s movement for the first time this month. Are you plugged into your ACC community?
  • ACC, alongside our friends at the National Audubon Society and the Farm Bureau, led a lunch and learn style briefing for 40+ staff from the Congressional Western Caucus covering the Farm Bill’s voluntary conservation programs.
  • ACC & The Hill partnered up for an inaugural roundtable program highlighting conservative and progressive activists on the topic of environmental action and building consensus around environmental policy.
  • From conversation-starting memes to conservation history clips, ACC’s social media presence garnered 63 million impressions this month!

Join The Team

Ready to make a difference in environmental advocacy? Join us as our new Office Administrator & Assistant to the President! In the heart of Washington, D.C., you’ll manage office operations, support our dynamic leader, and be a vital part of our mission to empower young people in the conservation movement. Apply now and be a part of building the conservative environmental movement!

Passionate about environmental action and empowering young voices in North Carolina? Join ACC as North Carolina State Director, you’ll lead the charge in driving meaningful change, expanding membership, establishing branches, and organizing impactful events, all while shaping the future of environmental advocacy in your community and beyond. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a tangible difference and be a part of building a brighter, greener tomorrow!

This Month In Policy
Insights from the 2024 Sustainable Energy Factbook

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy released its 2024 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook covering all things clean energy. Consistent with past trends, the report found that the United States continues to increase its energy productivity, meaning we are using less energy to power more homes and businesses, all while GDP rises. Additionally, in the U.S. in 2023, carbon-free energy accounted for more than 40% of power generation, and emissions decreased nearly 2% from 2022 levels. American innovation continues to impress. 

Fueling the Future: Small Modular Nuclear Reactors – Economically Feasible Solutions

A feasibility study conducted in Puerto Rico and funded by the DOE found small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) to be economically feasible when taking into account factors other than upfront costs, such as the flexibility, reliability, and environmental advantages offered by this technology. Over time, these benefits make up for the high initial costs of building a nuclear plant. We should continue to invest in nuclear to ensure clean, reliable, and affordable energy for all Americans. 

Texas Sets the Bar for Clean Energy Innovation

Texas continues to be a great example of how permitting reform can support our climate and clean energy goals. During the afternoon of February 25th, the Texas grid reached an all-time high of more than 80% of its power provided by carbon-free energy sources. It’s clear that Texas is building clean energy at record rates, yet it is not because the state has set ambitious climate goals. Instead, this can be attributed to the state embracing solutions that cut red tape and unleash innovation. 

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On the Ground
  • We have 28 ambassadors out in the field representing nearly 30 communities across the country!
  • Just this month, our ambassadors brought nearly 600 recruits to the movement.
  • 32 events, from Valentine’s flower tabling to Atomic Hope screenings, were held in ACC communities this February.
    • “Justin Hoang is an ACC Houston area ambassador based primarily at the University of Houston Campus. Justin recently won the position of leading ambassador in January for his outstanding work. On February 23rd, he invited our new Houston area ambassador to table with him for the first time. Justin took it upon himself to show him how to table and what tactics work best for this.” – Zack Abnet, Texas State Director
    • “So, we had two screenings of Atomic Hope in Charlotte and Raleigh. While the attendance was more intimate, it was great to have folks eager to learn more about how nuclear deserves a spot in the clean energy conversation. We hosted them on UNC-Charlotte’s campus and at the John Locke Foundation.” – Brian Martinez, Eastern Regional Director
    • “I went to campus on Valentine’s Day and pretty much all I did was say “free flowers to save the environment” and we had such a wonderful response. Everyone was so excited to have the earth as their Valentine!” – Danielle Lindsay, Florida State Director

On Capitol Hill & Beyond
  • Lunch and learn briefing for 40+ staff from the Congressional Western Caucus, alongside our friends at the National Audubon Society and the Farm Bureau
  • Continued engagement with permitting and transmission reform discussions. Speaking of, we’re currently reading.
  • ACC participated in a dinner hosted by Ag America with elected state agriculture commissioners from across the nation!
  • ACC & The Hill partnered up for an inaugural roundtable program highlighting conservative and progressive activists on the topic of environmental action and building consensus around environmental policy.

On the Airwaves