For a cleaner, more prosperous world, ACC mobilizes conservatives around environmental issues, fostering collaboration in the pursuit of environmental conservation.

Who We Are

As the curtains closed on 2023, the American Conservation Coalition (ACC) celebrated a year marked by remarkable milestones, vibrant growth, and impactful fieldwork. Ending the year with a robust community of 40,000 members and a network spanning over 100 branches nationwide, ACC’s influence in the environmental and conservative landscape flourished like never before.

“This year stands as a powerful example of our work and the power we wield as an organization: record membership growth, new branches popping up all over the country, successful events, and talented new hires.”

Stephen Perkins, COO

Unveiling Our Growth

Fueling ACC’s success was an on-the-ground team that worked tirelessly to bring thousands of new members to our movement. As a testament to our growth, ACC’s field team expanded to bring four new staff members: Cameron Gambini, Aidan Shank, Philip Reichert, and Danielle Lindsay who respectively took on pivotal roles as VP of Grassroots, Midwestern Regional Director, Southern Regional Director, and Florida State Director.

The organization expanded its footprint by launching branches in key cities like Atlanta, Houston, Austin, Central Florida, Charlotte, and Auburn. These new branches, totaling over 100, became vital players in advancing ACC’s conservation initiatives.

Diverse Field Events Nationwide

ACC’s commitment to grassroots engagement materialized through 286 unique field events held across the country. Among them, ACC DMV hosted a livestream with The Federalist Society, ACC Florida organized a memorable camping trip at Everglades National Park, and the ACC Summit gathered over 300 conservationists in Salt Lake City. Across the country, our Branches are embodying the principles of ACC and making their communities better. Below are three small glimpses at the change our branches affected in 2023 – 

Nurturing Nature in San Antonio: A standout project unfolded in San Antonio with ACC San Antonio’s community garden initiative. Collaborating with Prosper West and the city, the branch revitalized two houses into a community hub. The transformation included a succulent garden with native plants, complementing the volunteers’ dedication and resilience in overcoming unforeseen challenges.

ACC Ohio State Becomes Ubiquitous: ACC Ohio State’s journey began in April 2021, growing from the carbon capture club to a force of 700 strong students. On campus, the branch replaced the once-dominant Sunrise Sunrise Movement group, secur-

-ing support from key university figures and hosting the university’s annual Earth Day festival. Brendan Fowler, Branch Leader, played a pivotal role in connecting with other ACC branches and steering sustainability initiatives, leaving an enduring impact on campus culture.

Atlanta’s Dynamic Conservation Force: In the vibrant city of Atlanta, the ACC Atlanta Branch set two noteworthy records, establishing the first board and hosting a kick-off event that drew a record-breaking attendance of 70 participants. Aligning ACC initiatives with Georgia’s priorities, the branch engaged in proactive conservation, exemplified by a water conservation event that seamlessly blended learning and practical cleanup efforts.

Wrapping Up a Year of Triumphs

ACC’s fieldwork in 2023 paints a vivid picture of growth, resilience, and impactful initiatives. From the collective efforts of its members and leaders to the dynamic projects undertaken by individual branches, ACC continues to inspire and empower individuals nationwide. As we move into a new year, the legacy of our hard work sets the stage for even greater strides in the new year.