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Date: November 7, 2021

Contact: Karly Matthews / [email protected]

Representatives from 130+ International Groups To Sign Pro-Market Climate Declaration

GLASGOW, U.K. – Representatives from more than 130 groups from around the world will sign The International Declaration on Market Environmentalism at the Climate & Freedom Summit in Glasgow during COP26 tomorrow.

Led by Christopher Barnard of the American Conservation Coalition (ACC) and Kai Weiss of the Austrian Economics Center (AEC), in collaboration with the Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions, this pledge focuses on four core principles: the market economy, private property rights, decentralization, and optimism & innovation. The pledge is based on the book, Green Market Revolution, published last year by Barnard and Weiss, and argues that markets – not regulations, taxes, subsidies, nor central planning – are best suited to address environmental challenges.

Signatories include representatives from the Adam Smith Institute, Hudson Institute, Leadership Institute, Reason Foundation, the Foundation for Economic Education, PERC, R Street Institute and many more from more than 60 different countries. Individual signatories do not necessarily reflect the opinions of their respective organizations. See the full list here

ACC National Policy Director Christopher Barnard said: “When we published Green Market Revolution last year, the reaction was incredible, and the book has been read in 93 countries so far. This Declaration is a continuation of our mission to make market-based environmental policy mainstream not just in each of our home countries, but globally.”

AEC Research and Outreach Coordinator Kai Weiss said: “This declaration shows that wanting to protect nature is not a partisan, niche issue anymore and has become important for everyone. But it also shows that a major portion of policy and opinion leaders around the world argue for an alternative position on the means to achieve a green future. This letter is the greatest global effort yet to declare that nature and entrepreneurship can – and must – go hand in hand.”

To read the full declaration and learn more about Green Market Revolution, visit our website.