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Date: 5/17/21

Contact: Karly Matthews / [email protected]

TCC Launches “Carbon Fingerprint” Campaign

NEW YORK CITY – The Conservation Coalition (TCC) launched the Carbon Fingerprint campaign today. 

The campaign will highlight the stories of young environmental activists around the country. By telling their stories as well as inviting the public to share their own, using the #CarbonFingerprint hashtag, TCC will communicate a positive and diverse vision for the future of environmentalism. 

Millions of young Americans are rising up and calling on political leaders to protect our planet. Yet, instead of giving them the tools to make real change, the loudest voices in the environmental movement too often focus on guilt and helplessness. We want to empower young Americans to make a real difference improving the environment in their own communities. 

TCC President and Founder Benji Backer said: “Environmental issues are often communicated in a way that is remote, far-away, and unrelated to our own individual lives, but in reality, we each have an important role to play. Our actions in our day to day lives can make a difference.”

TCC Digital Director Lucero Cantu said: “Positivity and individual empowerment are in short supply in the environmental movement. I’m excited to bring our first-ever cultural campaign to communicate the values of effective, pragmatic environmental action to a broader audience than ever before.” 

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