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As the American Conservation has grown over the past three years, we’ve noticed that more and more frequently, we’re asked what we’re reading. There’s so many market-based environmental reads out there, but our team picked some of our favorites to share with you.

Green Philosophy, Roger Scruton

One of the most revered thinkers in the market environmental space, Roger Scruton wrote more than 50 books on a variety of topics. Green Philosophy is a must-read for anyone interested in how capitalism and markets can benefit our natural environment.

Green Market Revolution, Kai Weiss & Christopher Barnard

Green Market Revolution was co-edited by ACC National Policy Director Christopher Barnard and includes chapters from incredible thinkers from all over the world including Johan Norberg, Holly Fretwell, and more.

Buy The Change You Want to See, Jane Mosbacher Morris

Although not just about environmentalism, Buy the Change You Want to See is all about the power of the consumer in enacting change. By voting with our dollars, we can entice companies to pursue sustainable practices that are not only good for business, but good for the environment.

Free Market Environmentalism, Terry Anderson and Donald Leal

An alternative to reading on the expansion of government in the name of environmentalism, Free Market Environmentalism is aptly named. Anderson and Leal write about how the market, not increased bureaucracy, can benefit environmental conservation and even climate action.

Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction, Mark Maslin

If you want a more basic introduction to the scientific evidence of climate change, this “very short introduction” is a helpful and quick read. Maslin has written books on several environmental topics like floods, earthquakes, and several works on a changing climate.

Ecology, Liberty, and Property, Jonathan Adler

This work gets into the policy weeds a bit more than other selections, but if you’re interested in the connection between property rights with environmentalism, it’s an interesting read.

How to be a Conservative, Roger Scruton

Another work by the infamous Roger Scruton, this book doesn’t solely focus on the environment, but it does explain how conservative principles can be applied to contemporary challenges, like those affecting our natural world.

The American Conservation Coalition does not unequivocally endorse every idea in each of these selections, but our team has found each of them helpful in learning more about the free market environmentalism space.