For a cleaner, more prosperous world, ACC mobilizes conservatives around environmental issues, fostering collaboration in the pursuit of environmental conservation.

Who We Are

Approximately two years ago, the American Conservation Coalition announced a new project: the American Conservation Coalition Campus. An educational organization for young activists on college campuses, ACC Campus grew to have a presence at more than 200 schools nationwide. As we grew, however, we realized that this movement was far bigger than college students.

When we relaunched our membership program this year, we realized that more activists were coming to us after their college careers. Some, even high school students,  discovered us before heading off to college. So, ACC Campus increasingly did not describe our diverse group of activists.

We’ve been thinking about this disconnect for months. How could we continue to empower our activists when our organization’s name didn’t fully represent them? Of course, this was a good problem to have. It meant ACC’s movement was growing and our branding needed to grow with it. Thanks to feedback from our amazing team of volunteers and thousands of activists, we decided to act.

That’s why at the end of our first-ever Year in Review broadcast this week, we announced that ACC Campus is now The Conservation Coalition. This rebranding represents our activists, who are not confined to only college campuses. Since the beginning, our work has been focused in large part on crucial conservation efforts in this country, so our new name is inspired by our passion for our natural world. We will always value our college activists, but The Conservation Coalition now includes our incredible community leaders and high school advocates. We are building a movement that nearly everyone can get behind.

The Conservation Coalition

As can be seen above, our new logos more clearly demonstrate that we are an environmentally-focused organization, and complement each other perfectly. Our team is incredibly excited to continue growing and advocating for our values with this new branding.

It’s important to note that although our name and logos have changed, our mission remains the same. These changes simply better reflect what we’ve stood for all along. We advocate for effective environmentalism, based on the power of markets and innovation. If you’d like to read more about what we stand for, our updated principles can be found here.

It’s truly unbelievable to me that an initiative that began as a website is now a movement that thousands of young people passionately stand behind. As the founder of ACC, I could not be more proud of what my team and I have built, and I sincerely look forward to continuing this mission alongside our incredible team, activists, and supporters.