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Date: 9/3/20
Contact: Karly / [email protected]

ACC Campus President To Embark on Electric Election 2020 Roadtrip

SEATTLE — ACC Campus President Benji Backer will begin a 45-day roadtrip through 19 states in a donated Tesla Model X on September 15 in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The project is funded in part by Lyda Hill Philanthropies. Early-stage Tesla investor, Ibrahim AlHusseini, generously donated the vehicle for this project.

The Electric Election 2020 Roadtrip will highlight market-based environmental innovation and corporate stewardship as ways to fight the climate crisis in cities and towns across the country. During a divisive, tumultuous time for our nation, this roadtrip will be an uplifting initiative that highlights the very best of America.

Throughout the trip, Benji and members of the ACC Campus team will meet with elected officials, environmental activists, and business leaders, who are all piloting solutions to the climate crisis that are also driving economic growth, innovation, and job creation. ACC Campus will release podcast episodes with these guests, as well as regional recaps of the journey. Importantly, ACC Campus will plant three trees for every mile driven to ensure the roadtrip is carbon-negative, and precautionary measures will be taken against COVID-19.

ACC Campus President and Founder Benji Backer said: “During a divisive election season, economic downturn, and global pandemic, environmental problems are being solved by inspiring activists, bold elected leaders, and innovative companies. The Electric Election Roadtrip will showcase many of those in our uplifting journey—all with the necessary COVID-19 safety precautions. Private-sector-led environmentalism is the key to unlocking real results to fight our climate crisis and we’re excited to showcase what’s happening across the entire nation.”

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President of Policy Marty Durbin said: “The U.S. Chamber and our members are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to our climate challenges, some of which we’ve highlighted in our EnergyInnovates initiative. We’re excited to partner with ACC Campus to help share the story of how American businesses are developing and deploying technologies that are reducing emissions and improving the environment.”

Founder of FullCycle Climate Partners Ibrahim AlHusseini said: “The transition from a high carbon to a low carbon economy is the biggest investment opportunity of our generation.  The private sector will play a key role in accelerating that transition. That’s why I’m thrilled to be supportive of ACC Campus on their Electric Election Roadtrip, an innovative project to showcase these incredible initiatives.”

For more details on locations and special guests as they develop, visit the official website here. The roadtrip will conclude on November 3, Election Day.

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A project of the American Conservation Coalition, ACC Campus is an activist-focused, environmental organization. We work in communities and on college campuses nationwide to educate activists about a market-based approach to clean energy and conservation issues. We support a broad range of limited-government and innovative policies to usher in a new generation of stewardship. By working with a diverse group of organizations and activists, we are changing the narrative and beginning a new discussion about the environment.