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Date: 7/8/2019
Contact: Bethany / [email protected]

ACC Reacts to White House Event on the Environment

The American Conservation Coalition (ACC) joined other conservative environmental groups at the White House today for a speech by President Trump addressing America’s environmental leadership on a global scale.  The event was a strong step in the right direction toward more conservative solutions to pressing environmental issues, and ACC commends President Trump for his willingness to engage on these topics.

ACC President Benji Backer said: “Members of U.S. Congress should take note of this event—on both sides. For Democrats, they should recognize a President who’s willing to work with bipartisan reforms on environmental issues. For Republicans, this should be a meaningful sign for increased action on environmental issues and a push for better messaging/policy. While we wish the President would’ve laid out his environmental plan for the near and long-term future, we are thankful for him talking about this issue in a proactive way. We’re excited to see how the President, and Congress, moves forward on environmental issues and hope to see it as a bigger priority—all stemming from this event.”

ACC hopes to see continued progress from the Administration on environmental issues, and looks forward to providing insights in the future about how best to approach these issues from a conservative, free-market perspective.  America remains a leader on environmental issues globally, and we should use our influence to promote more environmentally-friendly practices around the world.