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Date: 7/6/2019
Contact: Bethany / [email protected]

ACC to Attend White House Event on the Environment

The American Conservation Coalition (ACC) is thrilled to join the Trump Administration on Monday, July 8th for a speech about America’s environmental leadership on a global scale.  This is a step in the right direction to bringing about more constructive and productive speech on these issues, and ACC looks forward to networking with others in attendance to work together toward more conservative solutions.

ACC President Benji Backer said: “ACC is happy to see the Trump Administration taking a strong step in the right direction by holding an event discussing America’s environmental leadership. We are proud to be involved. Over the past decade, America has quietly led the globe in emissions reduction and innovative technologies. To curb climate change and other environmental issues, we will need to continue on that path.”

The event will include other conservative organizations working on environmental causes.  America has long led the world in emissions reduction, and this event is yet another step in the right direction to continue that leadership on an even larger scale. America’s leadership is paramount to a bright future for our global environment.